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Christian Intercultural Work (KIA) was established in 1974 and is  the largest diaconal, voluntary, non-profit organization in the field of integration in Norway today.

Our VISION is a multicultural fellowship in church and community!

Through teaching, dissemination of experience and counseling, we work to incorporate refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants into Norwegian local communities and congregations.

The national meeting is KIAs supreme body and our general assembly. The national meeting is held every 2 years and the decisions made here are leading for KIAs work in the next two-year period.
The national board of KIA is elected by the National Assembly.

Alf Petter Hagesæther is our general secretary, and he is in charge of day-to-day operations.

KIA is organized into 6 regions and three welfare intitiatives across Norway.


Our welfare intiatives arranges Norwegian language schooling for minority women, who have lost their right to state funded Norwegian classes. The courses are 20 hours a week, and follow the state curriculum. They also follow local school calendars so that mothers can spend days off with their children.

Our course in Kristiansand also offers child care while mothers are in class. The children are in the same building as their mothers. We hope to be able to offer the same in Stavanger in the near future.

In Oslo, KIA has an officially approved, private kindergarden in connection to the Norwegian course. Children of participants are prioritized for placement in the kindergarden. Applications are recieved all year.

In addition to the language course, the KIA welfare initiative also includes what we choose to call mastery activities. These activities differ through the year, but in the past we have offered sewing lessons, knitting
cafés, swimming lessons, dance, yoga, womes health classes and many other things.

All classes and activities are free and for women only.

Regional Language courses, language cafés and other activites.

Many of our regional offices offer weekly Norwegian language courses for both men and women. In many places you will also find language cafés, homework assistance for adults and children, international cafés, and many other places to practice language and be a part of the community.

Contact your local KIA office to learn more about your local activities.

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